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Fall. Lot 6:1 garage BALBER IMMOBILIARE SRL-fg. 5, detail 1111, 15 sub., located in Calamandrana (AT), Via Roma 84

Starting bid€ 2.100,00

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Last update on 19.12.2017
at 17:02

Bankruptcy BALBER IMMOBILIARE SRLLot 6:5, detail 1 1111, costing money garage closed fg. sub. 15, located in Calamandrana (AT), Via Roma 84Real estate appraisal and notary estimate set out in the annex under “documents”, pictures in the Gallery section “Other charges borne by the buyer, in addition to the amount of award:-Sivag rights on the award in the amount of 7% + VAT 22%</p><p>-expenses and charges of the law pertaining thereto (VAT 4% 10% second home, first home, 22% legal person)</p><p>-1,020/each Act (see annex in the documents section under "advances for taxes)</p><p>-notary fee (see annex in the documents section under "fee + VAT 22% calculated based on the value declared in the deeds)</p><p>-cancellation charges levied on property mortgages and possibly prejudicial formalities</p><p><br>Deposit required:</p><p>a) bank transfer (receive by mail/fax not later than 12.00 hours of 6/29/2015 addresses/
IBAN IT 78 L 06230 01799 000043267447 (CARIPARMA account in the name of SIVAG SpA)
Reason: fall. Imperial srl-1 lotSIVAG SpA (b) intestate to asign to receive took home SIVAG not later than 12.00 hours of 7/1/2015c) online, by credit card, until the deadline indicated
Note: the property is sold as seen and approved in the State of fact and law in which, with all its burdens, rights and obligations. The sale is not subject to the rules concerning the warranty for manufacturing defects or lack of quality. Consequently the existence of defects, lack of quality or non-conformity of the item sold will not give rise to any compensation, indemnity, or a price reduction, esendosi have taken this into account in valuing assets. The transfer of ownership is always charged to the buyer-will be made taken notary chosen and indicated by the bankruptcy proceedings.Balance:Award Amount to be paid) property not later than 30 days. from the auction by bank transfer which will result from the account of the bankruptcy proceedings before conclusion of a notarial deed; received the balance transfer of ownership will always be borne by the buyer-that will be taken and shown by the notary chose Bankruptcy.B) Rights Institute no later than 5 days. Lav. from the award by bank transfer or cheque circular took the Seat Sivag
Object: view only and exclusively by prior arrangement by telephone or mail request (REF: David C 393 9464257, mail cell., Monday to Friday 09.00-18.00)